Re-aligning and re-adjusting the musculoskeletal system.

Initial Visit

45 minutes

The spine accumulates tension and stress quicker than most parts of the body due to its frequent usage. Chiropractic care is designed to remove that stress from the nervous system and realign the spinal cord. By adjusting problem areas, the nervous system is relieved—allowing the body to heal at its maximum efficiency. Initial visits (based on assessment) include adjustments, postural scans, physical exams, x-ray analysis and more. *Required before Follow Up treatment.

Follow Up

30 minutes

Follow up treatments will build on the work done during previous visits. The chiropractor is able to better assist you with multiple sessions and a deeper connection with your body. These treatments also help with maintaining spinal cord adjustments and conditioning the body back to its natural state.

*Please keep in mind that the x-rays themselves are not performed or included for any of the chiropractic treatments.

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