Scented Spaces

Elevate your space with the fragrant essence and intention of our hand-rolled incense.


How To: Hand-Rolled Incense

1. Prepare for incense burning by getting a non-flammable incense dish/burner. Use a small piece of aluminum foil for extra protection. You will also need a charcoal disc. Sold seperately.

2. Light the bottom of your charcoal until it sparks and starting heating up/turning white, then place it on your dish.

3. Take a small pinch of your incense ball and place it on top of the charcoal. Then relax and enjoy the intoxicating aroma!

Hand-Rolled Incense Ball

Fill your space with these house-crafted incense balls infused with premium oils to create a beautiful aroma. Choose from rose bud, tchouraye, vanilla butter bean, and meadow.

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Charcoal Disc (10pk)

Use these charcoal discs to burn resin, loose incense, and our hand-rolled incense balls.

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