Our Full List of Products & Brands

*Certain items shown may not be available at the time of your visit. Please call ahead to inquire about specific items.


Botanical Life


Wombman Stand Tall

Essence of Ase Crystal Candle

Pontie Wax

P.F. Candle Co.

Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Room Sprays

Rose Water Spray

Cucumber Water Spray

Clarity Spray

Palo Santo Spray

P.F Candle Co.

Sweet Grapefruit

Teakwood & Tobacco

Golden Coast

Loose Teas & Herbs

Allergy Tea

Burdock Root

Cleansing Tea

Congested Cough Tea


Hibiscus (Sorrel)


Sleepy Time Tea

Spirit Connection Tea

Women’s Regulating Tea

+ more

Incense & Smudges

Abalone Shell


Desert Sage

Goloka Incense

KHP Incense Pack

Incense Holder

India Temple Incense

Morning Star Incense

Palo Santo Stick & Cone Incense

P.F. Candle Co. Charcoal Incense


Satya Stick & Cone Incense

Shoyeido Harikawa Incense

Three Kings Charcoal

Triloka Incense & Resin Cups

White Sage

Body Products

DSC Bareface Moisturizing Oil

DSC Home-made Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap

DeOdor Natural Deodorant

Whisper Organic Mouth Wash

Whisper Organic Tooth Powder

Bath Bomb

Exfoliating Brush

Everything Soulful Crystal-Infused Oil

Pasha Chocolate Oil

Botanical Life Pineapple Oil

Sea Sponge

SheaTerra Virgin Shea Butter

Turkish Towel

TreeStar Natural Soap

Moon Valley Organics EczaCalm Lotion

Tonics, Tinctures & Homeopathy Medicine

Bourda Bittah Tonic

Elderberry Elixir

Immune Elixir

Forest Folk Fungi Mushroom Extracts

Herb Pharm Tinctures

Black Elderberry


Cramp Bark

Lemon Balm

Daily Immune Builder



Boiron Homeopathic Medicine

Throat Calm

Cold Calm

Cold Calm for Kids

Optique 1


Cyclease PMS Relief